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13 September 2008 @ 08:42 pm
Oh hey guys! 8D 8D 8D  
Yeah ... I write Bleach smut!fics now.

No, I have no clue how that happened, either.

Don't believe it? Here, have an eyeful --
Can't Have Everything (Stark x Grimmjow; NC-17; warnings for unusual pairing and highly exclusive kinks)
Data Collection (Szayel x Grimmjow; NC-17; warnings for more unusual pairing, unconventional toys, voyeurism, and dubious consent)

(These are posted over at the Bleach Yaoi comm, and very obviously have to be locked entries; read at your own risk.)

This seems like a pretty straightforward indication that my writing has decided to degenerate rather than evolve, but for some reason, I don't mind too much. 8D

In other news, I'm still just as artsy-fartsy as ever. I've been designing and selling tote bags, and my specialty lies, once again, in the Bleach fandom. (So, who DIDN'T see that coming?) Some sample works and commissions:
The Grimmcat series (Can you tell that Grimmjow is my favorite character yet?)
The Grimmcat's in the Bag
Grimmcat Follows the Leader
Grimmcat Meets a Playmate
Grimmcat Finds His Voice (coming soon)
and these, which are birthday gifts for two of my friends at UCLA ...
Nel's Playtime Bag
L's Big Decision (Death Note, and not Bleach, for once)

Bleach fanart has also taken over a vast portion of my deviantART gallery. Dunno how much longer this particular obsession is going to last, but hey, might as well enjoy it while it lasts. And don't worry, I still love DBSK to bits; I think it's just that my days of actively contributing fic and fun to the fandom are pretty much over. I still have a ball reading DongBang fics, though, so feel free to use this post to showcase your newest works or dump some fic recs on me.

Love, luv, wuv, and/or rabu ~
~ Dani ^_^
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Great read! I wish you could follow up to this topic